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Why is this important?

  • Outstanding academics are trained over many years to adhere to academic principles and develop critical thinking skills that enable them to identify inaccuracies not only within their own fields but also when academic values are being disregarded elsewhere, whether in research, teaching, or institutional governance.
  • By doing so, they play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of academic discourse and promoting a culture of truthfulness and accountability.
  • In this context it is the basic understanding, as it is vitally important, that individuals remain truthful and factual at all times, as these values extend beyond academic settings and can have life-threatening consequences in fields like medicine when ignored.
  • In science and medicine, one must interact with nature, which responds impartially to any queries posed.
  • Nature does not offer alternative facts nor does it support or tolerate emotion-based interpellations that lack substance and thus credibility.
  • Therefore, it is incomprehensible how managers, who routinely lie, can assume that their behaviour will be tolerated within a university environment, where academic integrity and truthfulness are essential values.
  • By condoning such behaviour, we would risk undermining the very foundations of our university and compromising the education of our students.