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CASE NO: 2202785/2007

27 It is my strongly held belief that Professor Graeber has been wrongfully accused of bullying and harassment in an orchestrated plot to remove him from the College and besmirch his reputation. Individuals who may be guilty of serious academic misconduct have not been held accountable for their actions and have been protected and shielded by senior College academics while escaping attention in two evasive and highly flawed investigations. Human Resources at the College have acted with clear bias and have not contacted all parties relevant to an impartial investigation of the facts. Leaders of the College showing a lamentable lack of pastoral care have shirked their duty and refused to meet a Professor and Head of Department who had raised serious concerns. This fecklessness of senior College officers in a lack of decisive leadership I believe led to yet increased and then critical levels of tension and discord and served only further to isolate Professor Graeber and his Department within the College. I am impressed by the sincerity and passion of Professor Graeber’s commitment to the ethical dimensions of academic life and scientific conduct and his belief that these standards need to obtain nowhere more so than in work that involves the study and custodianship of human tissue. The grants awarded by the Parkinson’s Disease Society and brought to Imperial College largely through the efforts of Professor Graeber are sustained through monies collected from individuals suffering with Parkinson’s disease and their families. Imperial College, although benefiting impressively through industrial collaboration, is itself supported through public funding. The unjust treatment that Professor Graeber has received from Imperial College due to his disclosures and attempts to correct malpractice is symptomatic of a pervasive institutional malaise and malfunction and these issues require urgent attention and remedy beyond the immediate arena of this Tribunal.

28 This statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.