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Open letter to Vice-Chancellor Mark Scott of Sydney University

Date: 28/11/23

Dear Vice-Chancellor Scott,

On 27 November 2023 your spokesperson has made the following allegations against me in Times Higher Education (1):

“10 counts of ignoring “reasonable directions” and five of “making false or misleading statements”.”

“He had also acted against the interests of three students under his supervision and breached his work contract and “a number of university policies and codes”.”

I call on you to provide the public with factual evidence that backs up these allegations which you have used to terminate my contract after I had made public interest disclosures about alleged criminal misconduct by the management of our university.

My colleagues, the students of the University of Sydney and the public are furthermore owed an explanation why there has still not been an independent investigation of the public interest disclosures I filed on behalf of colleagues in my role as elected president of the University of Sydney Association of Professors. I refer to my witness statement to the Tasmanian parliament (2).

Yours sincerely,

M Graeber

Professor Manuel B. Graeber MD PhD FRCPath

President, University of Sydney Association of Professors (USAP)

Vice-President, Australian Association of University Professors (AAUP)