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O’Kane Report: The need for public release

Open letter 1 January 2024

I am herewith asking for the public release of the report on the investigation into the public interest disclosures at the University of Sydney which was
signed “Mary O’Kane” and dated 14 May 2022.

This report is being used by the management of the University of Sydney and other bureaucrats.

Law enforcement of the NSW Ombudsman had started its own inquiry into the management of the University of Sydney after NSW ICAC had repeatedly refused to do so but the investigation by the NSW Ombudsman was abruptly stopped by managers higher up. My subsequent formal complaint about suspected criminal violations of the Australian whistleblowing legislation has not been dealt with to this day.

The professorial Council of the University of Sydney asked The Hon Tim Crakanthorp for ministerial intervention to restore probity at the University
of Sydney. This document is attached. However, the minister who had already referred the University of New South Wales to the ICAC

was forced to step down.

The unlawful termination of my work contract in retaliation for the public interest disclosures I was duty-bound to make in my role as USAP President and as an employee of the university has been referred from Sydney to Perth by the Fair Work Commission.

If you also want the facts to come out and probity restored at the University of Sydney please sign the petition and pass on the links

Kind regards

Manuel Graeber

Professor Manuel B. Graeber MD PhD FRCPath
President, University of Sydney Association of Professors (USAP)
Vice-President, Australian Association of University Professors (AAUP)

Attachment: USAP Document for Minister Crakanthorp